Mason C. Turner

Mason is Founder and Chairman of United States MCT Enterprises, Inc. Mr. Turner's curiosity towards monetary business sprouted in 2014. At age 16 Mason formed MCT Wireless, Corp. A wireless telecommunications company currently developing improvements in data privacy and throughput across mobile end users. In 2015 Mr. Turner  Founded MCT Energy, Inc. A corporation researching and implementing alternative energy generation methods. In 2016 with multiple research avenues at hand Mason Centralized non-controlling ownership under MCT Enterprises, Inc. Mr. Turner upholds his commitment to shareholders by implementing superior ethics standards within all MCT corporations. Mr. Turner is personally accessible at any time by any shareholder within the organization.  Growing up, Mason has been acquainted to the IT, energy, and mechanical drive industry. During this period Mason has acquired expertise in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, EMF propagation and transception, W.I.E.O.R. (Wireless Infrastructure Emergency Operation Requirements).

Email: Mason.Turner@MCT.Enterprises

Richard C. Turner

Rick Is Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer and Director of United States MCT Enterprises, Inc. Rick holds a B.S. in Economics from Rutgers University and attended the MBA program at New York University’s Stern School of Business. Rick has over 25 years of experience in tax and business consulting. He has assisted several public companies with reverse mergers and acquisitions. Rick was employed as an accountant by Glenn G. Schanel, CPA, where he was responsible for corporate and individual tax returns, business write-up services, and business consulting services, including computer and database management. Prior to 1990, Mr. Turner was Vice President of Finance at First American Bank, Lake Worth, Florida, where he was responsible for the bank's financial reporting, budgeting and cost accounting. During 2001, Rick was elected Treasurer and CFO of eCom, Inc. Since 2001, Mr. Turner has acquired significant SEC public accounting experience.

Email: Rick.Turner@MCT.Enterprises

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